Family Highlight Galtees


Hidden Gems



Getaway to the Galtees

There are many enjoyable experiences surrounding of the Galtee Mountains, all in the great outdoors. From Cahir to Mitchelstown, you will meet the lovely locals and find a number great cafés and restaurants. It’s well worth making a visit to this gorgeous region.

Glen of Aherlow

Nearby the Galtees lies the Glen of Aherlow, one Ireland’s most beautiful lush valleys nestled between Limerick and Tipperary. The Statue of the Christ King raises his hand “blessing the Glen and all who pass by”. This friendly welcome extends to the Glen locals that share the same hospitable nature.

Glengarra Wood

Glengarra Wood is an ideal location for young explorers and Sunday strollers. There, you will find guided paths, an accessible car park and picnic spots. Walk along the trails at your own pace and take in the natural beauty of this woodland area.

Mitchelstown Cave

Discover the hidden wonders of the Mitchelstown Cave, one of the largest and most complex cave systems in Ireland. Learn about the various formations along a guided tour including the widely known ‘Tower of Babel’ column which stands 9 meters in height.

The Apple Farm

The Apple Farm is a family run business that has continued the long-time tradition of apple growing in South Tipperary. Stroll around the grounds and sample their fresh produce, in particular their delicious apple juice and berries. There is a camping and caravan park on the farm as well, perfectly positioned between the bustling towns of Cahir and Clonmel.