Family Outdoor Adventures Ballyhouras




Family Outdoor Adventures in Ballyhouras

Adventure seekers will find a wide variety of activities for all the family at the footfall of the Ballyhoura Mountain range. Get a feel for the warm, welcoming people and sense of community in the area.

Mountain Biking

Known as the adventure capital of Ireland, it comes as no surprise that the Ballyhouras are home to the largest mountain biking trail in the country. Enjoy an exhilarating experience biking across the 50km off-road path.

Ballyhass Lakes

Enjoy a fantastic day out at the Ballyhass Lakes near Mallow, Co. Cork. Discover up to 20 different activities across the centre’s natural landscapes and watersports lake. From zip lining and rock climbing, to kayaking and archery, this centre has it all. For a truly memorable experience, head to their wakeboard park. There are great camping facilities and comfortable holiday homes available on site. Stay on the grounds and wake up to the stunning lake views; a brilliant base for a family holiday.

Horse Trekking

Try the scenic horse-riding treks in the Ballyhoura Mountains. Saddle up and take in the beautiful scenery along the trail. Private lessons, children camps, adult camps and guided rides are available in the Ballyhouras, with no experience required.

Ballyhoura Apple Farm

Based in the beautiful hillside town of Kilfinane in Co. Limerick, the Ballyhoura Apple Farm cultivates the tradition of apple growing in Ireland which dates back to the 1700s. Take a tour and taste the delicious local produce.