Märchenwanderwege der Knockmealdowns


Hidden Gems



Tales & Trails of the Knockmealdowns

Seek out the age-old heritage of the Knockmealdowns, from the ancient paths of our ancestors to must-see castles and lush gardens.

The Legend of Petticoat Loose

Beware of the ghost of Petticoat Loose on your travels through the Knockmealdowns. Folklore tells of the Witch of Bay Lough (Petticoat Loose) whose spirit returned to haunt her village of Clogheen before being banished to Bay Lough in the Vee.

Close to Clogheen you will find the Vee, a breathtaking trail that meanders through the mountain range and showcase the rustic beauty of these historic lands. A popular scenic drive and cycle for locals and visitors alike.

St. Declan’s Way

In the heart of the Knockmealdowns hikers will join St. Declan’s Way. The ancient path runs from the Rock of Cashel in Tipperary to the Cliffs of Ardmore in Waterford, where St. Declan first founded a monastery during the 5th century. Over the centuries millions of pilgrims, warriors and adventurers have walked along this 120km ancient trail.

Grand Castles & Houses

Calling all kings and queens; across the Knockmealdown Mountains region you will meet a myriad of awe-inspiring castles and houses. Take a tour of the many gorgeous Houses & Gardens in Cappoquin such as Tourin, Dromana and Cappoquin House. The incredible Lismore Castle is a must-see attraction in the area, located on the banks of the River Blackwater. Make sure to take plenty of photos of these spectacular locations.