Sceneic strolls in Nagles



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Scenic Strolls Near the Nagles

Seek out wonderful woodland walks in the surrounding areas of the Nagle Mountains. Take in the picturesque views around as you venture through the forests of County Cork.

Moanbaun Woods

The Moanbaun Woods sit on a high exposed plateau with views of the Nagles, Galtees and Ballyhouras seen in the far distance. This woodland area is minutes away from the charming town of Fermoy, an ideal spot to grab a bite to eat and unwind.

The Nature Trail in the Moanbaun Woods is a regular route for joggers and walkers alike. The trail continues for 3.5km and typically takes just over an hour to complete.


Cork’s very own wonderland Kilbarry Wood is an especially delightful area throughout spring and summer when its beautiful bluebells and foxgloves are in full bloom. Wander through this magical 30-hectare woodland, which is located 7km east of Fermoy.

There are two great looped walk options in Kilbarry. For an enjoyable 30-minute walk, take the Blue Route. The shorter of the two trails, it circles the woods for 1.5km. Whereas the Red Route is 2.5km trek around Kilbarry and will take 40 minutes in total.


The Woodland Trail in Castleblagh is an enjoyable 2.5km walk sheltered by the surrounding trees. Walkers and talkers take just under an hour to complete the trek.

While in the area make a pitstop in Ballyhooly, a 5-minute drive away from Castleblagh. This village is rich in heritage and is home to such warm, welcoming people. See the beautiful Ballyhooly Castle which was built in the 14th century on the northside of the River Blackwater.