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Waterford Food Trails

Taste the food, meet the people, hear the stories. There are so many food & drink experiences happening with Waterford Food!

Waterford Food Trails advocate for food heroes within Waterford. Waterford is blessed with rich soil and sandy shores protected by the mountains and nurtured by the sea breeze and mild climate which add to the quality and authenticity of the food.
Waterford has always been a place of firsts; the first teas, the first wines and spices first reached our shores through the invaders and traders who came to Waterford through our Port; once one of the busiest trading Ports in Europe. It is this rich history of food and openness to the world that has been blended with fresh local ingredients and dishes overtime to make up the exciting range of food that’s available in Waterford today.

From Comeragh lamb to Blaas and Blaager – come and join us to experience ‘Food the Waterford Way’. Meet the many makers on your journey who will share their stories of how their recipes, craft and family secrets have been passed down from generation to generation’.

Enjoy the Waterford Bus Bia Tour and Waterford Tapas Trail food experiences, These tours showcase the very best of Waterford's food produce.